Eastern Wormsnake Carphophis amoenus

Adult from Brown County
Subadult from Brown County

Identification: This is one of the smallest snakes in Indiana and one of the most subterranean. Most wormsnakes are brown with a pink belly and glossy smooth scales. Adults of this species may only be half a foot long (15 cm) and rarely exceed a foot (30 cm) in length.

Similar Species: Smooth earthsnakes are also small, brown snakes commonly found under cover, but they have slightly keeled scales (lack a glossy appearance), a distinct head and neck, and typically have a lighter tan belly (as opposed to a pinkish belly).

Distribution: Wormsnakes are found throughout much of southern Indiana and are most abundant in the unglaciated hills of south-central Indiana. They are found further north along the gorges around the Wabash River and Sugar Creek in western Indiana. This is a burrowing snake of mesic forests, but they are occasionally found under logs and rocks during the spring and summer.

Rocky Hillside in Franklin County
Shalestone Glade in Floyd County

Distribution Map
Distribution map of Eastern Wormsnake (Carphophis amoenus)