Fence Lizard Sceloporus undulatus

Adult Female from Floyd County
Adult Male in Breeding Colors from Brown County

Identification: Fence lizards are unique among Indiana Lizards in that they have rough, spiny scales as opposed to the shinier, smoother scales of Indiana’s other lizards. They are also unique in their form, being a relatively flat, but broad-bodied lizard. Fence lizards are brown-gray dorsally with dark lines or chevrons horizontally extending from the sides to the back. During the breeding season, males have bright blue coloration on their underside and both males and females have blue under their throats. Fence lizards grow to around six inches (15 cm) long, as adults.

Similar Species: The body form and rough/spiny scales separates this lizard from the few other species in the state. The blue coloration adults display is also unique.

Distribution: Fence lizards occur only in southern Indiana where they frequent edges and openings in oak-hickory woodlands. This sun-loving lizard is most abundant around rock outcrops and rocky glades. Most of their Indiana range is within the south-central unglaciated hills, but scattered populations occur in southeastern and southwestern Indiana.

Forest Edge in Brown County
Shalestone Glade in Floyd County

Distribution Map
Distribution map of Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus)